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I wish to thank the unknown author of the following which was left in my guitar case at a gig.  Would the author please come up and introduce themselves at the next gig they attend.  Thanks.
 "Lloyd Watson plays guitar well.
It really makes us melt.
We travel far and wide, in a car we do ride
Just to hear your amazing riffs.
Heaven sent you wonderful gifts."
"Probably one of the best guitarists I have seen live.....always a pleasure to have him at The Bell Inn, Weston Hills".
Laurie, The Bell Inn, Weston Hills (October 2008)
Here's what some of the papers say about Lloyd Watson:
 "Now that's what I call the blues"
"A blues singer from Peterborough with a lot of feel"
"100% effort behind every note"
"Boy can this guy play"
"Phenomenal guitarist"
"Mean and moody guitar"
"Someone who generates danger with every appearance"
"The best guitarist in these parts - original, effortless and at times downright frightening"
"A monstrously fine slide guitarist, totally dedicated and professional"
"Blues at it's best"
"A cult black blues guitarist"
"Sincerety and devotion to the music"
"A touch of class"
"His main influence lies buried in the mists of time with the Delta Blues of Robert Johnson"
"For many the high point of the evening came with a showcase display of slide guitar playing on Robert Johnson's "Crossroads" which made the version of certain well-known musicians positively pedestrian by comparison"

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