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Lloyd Watson Band at the Corner House
Friday 16th May 2003
Reviewer: Angie Gray

My Friday evening turned out to have something of a 60s theme running through it. First up, having read Rob’s review of the Lloyd Watson Band (see 8.3.03), I was madly keen to get to the Corner House for some “exceptional blues and demon guitar playing”.

At 9pm, the pub’s unusually quiet and, as someone who can only stay awhile, I’m itching for the band to get going. 20 minutes later, they launch into a cracking rendition of Black Magic Woman, swiftly followed by a 10+ minute version of Layla (which – and no complaints as the guitar-work was out of this world! – I wouldn’t have recognised if it hadn’t been for the familiar lyrics).

It suddenly strikes me that I’m finding it harder than usual to concentrate on the music,so I pause to check why – and realise that I can’t take my eyes off Lloyd! For starters, he reminds me of someone but I can’t work out who…. ah, got it, he’s a dead ringer for the poet Roger McGough (check out the black & white photos at www.rogermcgough.org.uk/gallery.htm and tell me I’m wrong!). Lloyd is also one of those born-to-play, ‘music in his veins’ guitarists – someone whose whole body so obviously feels every note. So, as his fingers weave their way through Albatross, I’m watching the mouth ‘miming’ along, the body swaying in time, and somehow feel we should all be in a sunny field, flowers in our hair, chillin’ out 60s style!

Back in the now-much-busier bar, Need Your Love So Bad has shouts of “Awesome” and “Brilliant” coming from the fired-up, appreciative audience and, all too soon, it’s time for the beer break.

Tearing myself away, I land up watching Jools Holland on the box: Lou Reed - with a guy up front doing Tai Chi! - and a brief interview with ‘Mr Nice’ Howard Marks just add to the feel of the evening… so I’ll sign off by saying ‘Peace and love, man!’ and that, like most of Friday’s Corner House punters, I shall seriously look forward to my next dose of the ‘fantabulous’ Lloyd Watson Band.

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